Every Saturday, Lily and Pono will take you on a ghost tour in the UK. We share spine-tingling audio from the ghost walks themselves, giving you a taste of the tour, with some discussion on what makes them just so darn creepy.

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6 months ago
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Thank you for your continued support! It means the world to us here at #theghostlorepodcast

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8 months ago
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Today is a good day to celebrate this πŸŽƒ a huge thank you to our listeners - your support means a lot, especially since this podcast only launched this month! πŸ‘» this feels big!

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8 months ago
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How’s your Halloween looking? If you think it’s lacking the necessary element of spooky/you cannot go out and be spooky, join us over at The Ghostlore Podcast and go on a vicarious ghost tour. ... See more

8 months ago

The final episode in series one is out now! A special thank you to those who shared their spooky stories from ghost walks around the world for this episode πŸŽƒ

πŸ”—in bio and ... See more